Moon Rec. Styling chair

Moon Recli, with its ample backrest and adjustable headrest, will enhance salon interiors with its understated, innovative charm.
The painted metal structure allows the backrest to be positioned upright or gently tilted back, leaving the stylist free to go from one treatment to the next without changing workstation. The timelessly modern, boxy design guarantees quality and unique comfort for the client. A plus point that facilitates work and avoids the need to disturb the client. With the same boxy shape as the standard model, the chair is a perfect mix of stylish design and professional functionality.

Moon Rec. is available in various colours of skay and can be combined with 2 different bases: Disco block and Qua block.

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Polyurethane structure with metal insert.


↑ min 100/max 111 ↗ 61 cm → 90 cm

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