Lapo B – Salon wash unit

Lapo B: not just a simple wash unit, but a product designed and built around wellbeing. This wash unit is designed to represent the pinnacle of comfort thanks to its ergonomic seat and backrest with fixed leg rest. The tilting basin is generously sized, simplifying operations for the hairdresser. The plywood structure is fully upholstered in skay and is environmentally friendly, for a high-performance, versatile product.
In addition, Lapo B features a standard connection with pre-prepared channels for easy hose feedthrough during installation.


The Stella B furniture line aims to be a fresh proposal and for young people.

Testimonial of the brand is Nicola Amato, he’s full of energy and creativity because being STELLA B means freedom to express one’s passions and above all to express your style.

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Plywood structure with polyurethane foam padding, fully upholstered in skay. Rear of unit made in black scratch-resistant ABS.


↑ 133 cm ↗ 64 cm → 100 cm

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