Square – Styling chair

The Square styling chair is the fruit of meticulous design and careful selection of materials aimed at creating a seat whose every detail conveys the dedication and quality synonymous with the brand.
The padded seat and armrests create a wraparound structure that ensures the client can remain relaxed throughout.
The chair’s sophisticated shapes and soft lines create an iconic look that transforms work areas into design corners.

The Square chair is available in all Beauty*Star skay colours, and can be combined with 3 different bases: Cro block, Disco block and Qua block.

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BEAUTY STAR has in its DNA the experimentation of new communication forms, the speed of entering new channels with simple and effective ideas, the ability to adapt to the trend of fashions, the flexibility to enter emerging market niches. All this without never betraying its artisan origins, the pleasure of design, the refinement of technological choices.

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Flexible polyurethane foam structure.


↑ min 85 max 96 cm ↗ 64 cm → 71 cm

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