Elvis Flip – Barber chair

Elvis Flip is the eye-catching, innovative barber chair of the Beauty*Star collection. Perfect for creating an ‘old school’ yet at the same time contemporary vibe for modern barber shops.

This reclining, swivel barber chair features a meticulously crafted structure, skay upholstery and stylish topstitching. The armrests and padded seat offer amazing comfort, further enhanced by the headrest and a footrest complete with tipping tread plate. Metal details add the final touch, making the Elvis Flip barber chair an essential statement piece for every barber shop.

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BEAUTY STAR has in its DNA the experimentation of new communication forms, the speed of entering new channels with simple and effective ideas, the ability to adapt to the trend of fashions, the flexibility to enter emerging market niches. All this without never betraying its artisan origins, the pleasure of design, the refinement of technological choices.

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↑ min 106/max 124 cm ↗ 125/160 cm → 74 cm

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